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Flying Wing BV 38 "Indiana Jones" (Fantasy-Filmflugzeug) - papermodel 1/72

Fwing-1-The Flying Wing. The German-built Flying Wing aircraft was part of the Nazi contingent deployed to Tanis in 1936. Its experimental shape had a forward cockpit for the pilot and a tail gunner position, and some cargo space.
After the Ark of the Covenant was recovered, Dietrich planned to transport the treasure back to Germany in the plane, and the plane was prepared for takeoff. However, Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood destroyed the plane in an attempt to commandeer it, killing the German Mechanic and the pilot in the process. With the plane destroyed and Jones on the loose, Dietrich and Belloq decided to move the Ark by truck from the camp instead.

Behind the scenes

The Nazi Flying Wing seen in the film was not a real plane. Raiders production designer Norman Reynolds designed the plane for the film, based on historical Northrop Corporation designs and drawings by Ron Cobb of the Horten H IX (Go 229). The fake plane was built by Vickers, and was painted in London at EMI Elstree Studios. In order to ship the unwieldy prop to Tunisia, it had to be disassembled and sent piecemeal before being reconstructed on location.

Note: Scaled down and missing gun turret from back, "Indiana Jones" Epic Stunt Spectacular!
Hasbro had also planned to release a Flying Wing for their 3 3/4" action figure line; the cancellation of the Hasbro line, however, has made the release of the toy unlikely in the foreseeable future.
After the Flying Wing was destroyed in the film in 1981, the remains of the plane sat quietly in the Tunisian desert, where parts of it was salvaged by prop collectors. In 1991, ten years after the production of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, the Flying Wing was finally bulldozed and its remains destroyed.

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There are expensive resin-kits of this fantasy-plane on the model-market, but I found a papermodel for free. It is a very bad one ond the parts does not match together, so there is much scratch-work to do. At least I think I should have made it rather from wood.
   The Fuel-Truck has been scratch built as a papermodel by my own work. As diorama with all models together it is a funny eyecatcher.

Ich lege großen Wert auf die Feststellung, daß die Symbole der NS-Zeit ( Swastikas ) lediglich einer originalgetreuen Wiedergabe und Darstellung der Modelle dienen. Eine politische Einstellung / Gesinnung kann und sollte nicht davon abgeleitet werden !

Den allgemein geltenden Gesetzen und Richtlinien, die zwar eine Ausstellung von NS-Symbolen erlaubt, aber eine Verherrlichung verbietet, wird somit entsprochen ! 

 I attach great importance to the statement that the symbols of the Nazi period ( Swastikas ) serve only a faithful reproduction of the models. A political attitude can and should not be derived from it. The generally applicable laws and regulations, which allow an exhibition of Nazi symbols, will therefore be satisfied. 

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