Dienstag, 30. April 2013

Market Garden! Douglas C-47A Dakota + Waco CG-4A Hadrian - 1/144

Operation Market Garden (17–25 September 1944) was an unsuccessful Allied military operation, fought in the Netherlands and Germany in the Second World War. It was the largest airborne operation up to that time.
Field Marshal Montgomery's goal was to force an entry into Germany and over the Rhine. He wanted to circumvent the northern end of the Siegfried Line and this required the operation to seize the bridges across the Maas (Meuse River) and two arms of the Rhine (the Waal and the Lower Rhine) as well as several smaller canals and tributaries. Crossing the Lower Rhine would allow the Allies to encircle Germany's industrial heartland in the Ruhr from the north. It made large-scale use of airborne forces, whose tactical objectives were to secure the bridges and allow a rapid advance by armored units into Northern Germany.
Initially, the operation was marginally successful and several bridges between Eindhoven and Nijmegen were captured. However, Gen. Horrocks' XXX Corps ground force's advance was delayed by the demolition of a bridge over the Wilhelmina Canal, as well as an extremely overstretched supply line, at Son, delaying the capture of the main road bridge over the Meuse until 20 September. At Arnhem, the British 1st Airborne Division encountered far stronger resistance than anticipated. In the ensuing battle, only a small force managed to hold one end of the Arnhem road bridge and after the ground forces failed to relieve them, they were overrun on 21 September. The rest of the division, trapped in a small pocket west of the bridge, had to be evacuated on 25 September. The Allies had failed to cross the Rhine in sufficient force and the river remained a barrier to their advance until the offensives at Remagen, Oppenheim, Rees and Wesel in March 1945. The failure of Market Garden ended Allied expectations of finishing the war by Christmas 1944.

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My great wish has been to create a diorama that suggestived the view from high above to the ground. The Operation Market Garden is a scene what is predestinated for that kind of diorama.
I built a C-47 Dakota (Welsh-Models Vacu-Plastic-Metal-Mix 1/144) and fitted some more details. The freightdoor had to be opened to admit a paratrooper. More difficult to scratch have been the Gliders and the Jeeps. I had to built them in a very "small" scale so they became only 1cm in lenght and the Jeeps are only 4mm long . . . are they the smallest Jeeps ?

Montag, 29. April 2013

Vietnam ! F-4 Phantom II down ! - 1/72

An American F-4 Phantom was shot down. NorthVietnam-troops have found the wreck and search for the pilots . . .

One of my first dioramas I have built a long time ago. There are many fails I made without enough knowledge and in the lack of fotos. Today the situation has changed and so I could find all my failures. But by the way it's a nice looking diorama . . .