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Messerschmitt Me 309 P.13-246 - Huma scratch conversion 1:72

The Messerschmitt Me 309 was a prototype German fighter designed in the early years of World War II to replace the Bf 109. Although it had many advanced features, the Me 309's performance left much to be desired and it suffered from so many problems that the project was cancelled with only four prototypes built. The Me 309 was one of two failed Messerschmitt projects intended to replace the aging Bf 109, the other being the Me 209 of 1943.

In the year 1944 the Luftwaffe started a project to analyze the passive aircraftprotection. In combat the pilot has always been in danger of bullet-shelling what has to been switched off. So the cockpit slipped into the fuselage, protected in front from the engine and an armourplate, also behind the pilotseat with thick armour. The visibility had to be assured with periskopes on both sides of the cockpit. Only blueprints and statistics has been manufactured, but no mockup or real plane.

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And here the normal configuration of the Me 309 :

Ich lege großen Wert auf die Feststellung, daß die Symbole der NS-Zeit ( Swastikas ) lediglich einer originalgetreuen Wiedergabe und Darstellung der Modelle dienen. Eine politische Einstellung / Gesinnung kann und sollte nicht davon abgeleitet werden !

Den allgemein geltenden Gesetzen und Richtlinien, die zwar eine Ausstellung von NS-Symbolen erlaubt, aber eine Verherrlichung verbietet, wird somit entsprochen ! 

 I attach great importance to the statement that the symbols of the Nazi period ( Swastikas ) serve only a faithful reproduction of the models. A political attitude can and should not be derived from it. The generally applicable laws and regulations, which allow an exhibition of Nazi symbols, will therefore be satisfied. 

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