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Flechair Payen Pa 22 - resin 1/72

The Payen PA-22 was a French experimental aircraft designed by Nicolas-Roland Payen.
The aircraft had an unconventional design: it had a set of delta wings, in front of which were a set of canard wings. It had a fixed front landing gear and the cockpit was further back than usual.

The aircraft was designed in 1935 and manufacture of the aircraft began in the spring of 1939. It was intended to compete in Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe race. The aircraft used a new fuel mixture. The French government was interested in the aircraft.
Shortly thereafter, World War II began and the aircraft was put into storage. Falling into German hands in 1940 after the fall of France, it was tested by Junkers, probably for use as a fighter. The aircraft had some problems and attempts to fix them failed. The aircraft was repainted and given a new name. The first successful flight occurred on October 18, 1942. The Germans kept the plane for further testing, after which the plane was forgotten for unknown reasons. The aircraft was mostly destroyed during Allied bombing in 1943.

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Ich lege großen Wert auf die Feststellung, daß die Symbole der NS-Zeit ( Swastikas ) lediglich einer originalgetreuen Wiedergabe und Darstellung der Modelle dienen. Eine politische Einstellung / Gesinnung kann und sollte nicht davon abgeleitet werden !

Den allgemein geltenden Gesetzen und Richtlinien, die zwar eine Ausstellung von NS-Symbolen erlaubt, aber eine Verherrlichung verbietet, wird somit entsprochen ! 

 I attach great importance to the statement that the symbols of the Nazi period ( Swastikas ) serve only a faithful reproduction of the models. A political attitude can and should not be derived from it. The generally applicable laws and regulations, which allow an exhibition of Nazi symbols, will therefore be satisfied. 

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