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MiG 15bis vs NA F-86 Sabre - eduard & Aeroclub 1/144

MiG 15bis flown by Col.Yevgenly G. Pepelyeayev, CO of 196th IAP, Antung AB, Korea - October 1951.

Col. Yevgenly G. Pepelyeayev piloting this MiG 15bis shot down an F-86 Sabre from334th FIS / 4th FIW on October 6th, 1951. The relatively intact wreck of the Sabre was recovered by the Soviets. Col. Yevgenly G. Pepelyeayev was credited with 19 confirmed kills and 4 probables in the Korean War. This Sabre was his 17th victim. He was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union for his service in Korea. Later, this aircraft was flown by Capt. A. M. Karelin (6 confirmed kills in Korea), deputy CO of 351st IAP. Flying this MiG, he managed to destroy two B-29 bombers and damage another in the night of June 10th, 1952. The red paint on the MiG's nose was a quick identification feature. The red nose was typical for 324th IAD aircraft, and the 303rd IAD aircraft had the upper half of the vertical stabilizer in red in addition.

More about Col.Yevgenly G. Pepelyeayev you can find here :


The brandnew kit of the eduard MiG 15bis contains two aircraft. This has been ideal for me to build a diorama of the dogfight of Col. Yevgenly G. Pepelyeayev with a F-86 Sabre of the 334th FIS / 4th FIW. In the cellar a kit of a F-86 has rested for years and now I reactivated it. The MiG-kit is phantastic - no scratchwork is needed and I added only a sitting pilot. The F-86-kit is more difficult and much extrawork like carving all lines, adding a lot of details etc. is necessary.

I used the Revell weathering set to weather the MiG 15 - and I was excited. It is a very easy work and it looks great!

The ground plate has been formed like the North Korean landscape - the famous MiG-Alley - after a picture found on Google Maps. The planes are displayed according to a dogfight-report of Pepelyeayev.

Reworked Base looks now like this :


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