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Jodel D.112 - papermodel 1/48 & 1/72

The Jodel D.11 is a French two-seat monoplane designed and developed by Société Avions Jodel in response to a French government request for a low-wing aircraft for use by the nation's many emerging flying clubs.

Designers Édouard Joly and Jean Délémontez based the design on two of their earlier projects; they combined the wing of the projected D.10 with a lengthened and widened version of the D.9 fuselage. The first example flew on 4 April 1950. Of conventional taildragger configuration, the D11 featured fixed, spatted undercarriage, and accommodated pilot and passenger side-by-side. The wing panels outboard of the landing gear struts had a marked dihedral. Various powerplants were installed, typically Salmson 9, Continental A65 or Continental C90. The aircraft uses all-wood construction with a single piece box-spar.
D.11s were licence-built by a number of manufacturers in Europe and elsewhere, including Wassmer, Aero Difusión, and Falconar. Many examples were also home-built with plans provided by Falconar.

D.11 with a 65 hp (48 kW) Continental A65 engine, built by Wassmer (Société Wassmer), SAN (Société Aeronautique Normande), Valledeau, Denize and amateur constructors. Amateur-built versions can be powered by engines from 65 to 120 hp (48 to 89 kW). The 90 hp (67 kW) Continental C90 has been used.
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Here the scale 1/48 model :

Both models - 1/48 & 1/72 :

... and the scale 1/72 model :

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